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Receita Federal (Brazilian tax authority) use of facial recognition to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of Customs’ procedures.


Ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Receita Federal (Brazilian tax authority) selected NeoFace® Watch to be deployed at every international airport in Brazil. It was chosen to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of Customs’ procedures.

Biometric identification is performed without human interference as passengers flow through the customs area at normal walking speed. Faces are captured in real-time in the ‘nothing to declare’ area. The faces of all passengers are compared to a list of known individuals flagged to undergo customs inspection. When a match is found an alert is sent to the customs officer, who will then follow a standard process.

“With the combination of sophisticated biometric facial recognition technology and advanced customs risk management system, [Receita Federal] improves its work process, bringing greater security to Brazilian society, protecting it increasingly against unfair competition. and crimes of contraband, embezzlement and international drug trafficking, among others”

Receita Federal (Translated From Portugese)


– Tancredo Neves (Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais)

– Juscelino Kubitschek (Brasília – Distrito Federal)

– Viracopos (Campinas – Sao Paulo)

– Afonso Pena (Curitiba – Parana)

– Hercílio Luz (Florianópolis – Santa Catarina)

– Pinto Martins (Fortaleza – Ceará)

– Eduardo Gomes (Manaus – Amazonas)

– Augusto Severo, (Natal – Rio Grande do Norte)

– Salgado Filho (Porto Alegre – Rio Grande do Sul)

– Gilberto Freyre/ Guararapes (Recife – Pernambuco)

– Antônio Carlos Jobim/ Galeão (Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro)

– Dep. Luís Eduardo Magalhães (Salvador – Bahia)

– Governador André Franco Montoro/Cumbica (Guarulhos – Sao Paulo)

– Cataratas (Foz do Iguacu – Parana)

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