Our control room streaming software gives operators unprecedented access to incidents as they happen. Members of the public can live stream from any device direct into your control room for a eye-witness view that puts you on the scene, so you can quickly gather vital information, optimise your emergency response and save more lives.

Instant streaming to speed up your response

Our control room streaming software is fast and efficient. Members of the public will be sent a text or email containing a URL link to connect with the control room and share footage from the scene. Streaming starts immediately and without switching screens, downloading an app or signing into an account.

The Key features

Built for the control room, by the control room

Stream’s built-in translation feature instantly translates  text messages from any language, removing language barriers that can slow down your response as well as enabling you to communicate with anyone on the scene.

Stream automatically records visual evidence to create a secure digital footprint and enhance your evidence gathering. Streaming data can be shared with other agencies to help you coordinate your response.

Privately converse with key witnesses to gather more details and speed up response times with the built-in chat feature, complete with an intelligent translation function to remove disruptive language barriers.

Share what’s happening to others in the control room quickly and easily – to help share knowledge, offer insight and seek support. Enabling multiple chats and communications within the control room as well as with the public.

With no app, software or pre-existing account required, it’s easy to connect with members of the public and live stream from their device. Just send a secure URL link via SMS or email to start streaming instantly.

Its never been easier to connect with your community with two chat, voice and having visual on scene.

Text translation built in


Text translation built in

Stream’s built-in chat function enables you to converse with users at the scene, gathering more information or informing them of any updates. Dual translation identifies and transcribes any language, enabling control room operators to converse freely with the user.

Live streams can also be shared with control room colleagues. An operator can share their screen with a supervisor and even invite them to chat with the witness, facilitating a comprehensive and coordinated response.