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Our Control Room CRM tool, which helps your call operators instantly identify and protect vulnerable people, and provide the best response to everyone who needs their help.  

It provides a 360 degree view of the incident and all of the people involved, which enables operators to become the new front line when handling operations via webchat or over the phone.

With our Control Room CRM, your operators can make the right resourcing decision every time, quicker than ever before.

How does our Control Room CRM work?

Control Room CRM

How does our Control Room CRM work?

Our Control Room CRM telephony integration checks the caller ID for a contact history and provides the caller’s information.

Operators are also alerted when the public meet certain criteria, including vulnerable persons, registered mental health conditions, victims of anti-social behaviour, domestic abuse and other crimes, repeat and hoax callers, registered helpers and related crime record management entries.

Our CRM brings together this intelligence from every public contact touchpoint and presents the data clearly to an operator who’s working on an active request for service.

The Key features

By using our CRM within the control room and on the front desk you give the whole organisation a holistic view of what’s happening. If a member of the public visits a number of stations with the same complaint and makes calls to 999 it will be instantly visible that this person has already made contact and all the relevant notes to the incident will be available.

As the demographic of the population changes and people become more tech savvy, it will steer some of the public demand away from the phones and on to the website, where they can obtain useful information, report low-level crimes easily, track the outcome and chat to an operator via web chat.

If someone with poor mental health is identified and is a repeat caller, the call operator can instantly retrieve on screen their previous calls, their history and, once captured, a relative or carer’s contact method. By having instant access to this type of information, the operator can alert the correct persons or update third party services and be confident that emergency vehicles do not need to be dispatched or assigned to the case.

CRM feeds information into management reporting systems to give detailed performance reports. Plus, any voice traffic or required screen grabs can be stored for auditing, training and complaint resolution. Giving your team peace of mind that should they need to provide evidence, stats or insight, it’s readily available.

Gaining forward insight on the person on the other end of the phone massively reduces the time and workload for the call operator – having historical data within seconds and confirming details instead of searching for them speeds up the response time.

Along with reduced response times, it enables the call operator to assign the correct resource to the call – saving time, resource and ultimately lives by having the right resource on scene at the highest priority incident. 

Awareness offers great peace of mind

Control Room CRM

Awareness offers great peace of mind

Having the necessary information and being able to deliver a personal experience increases satisfaction and peace of mind. For instance, how many times are you able to identify people linked to repeat victims?

With our control room CRM, you can form association charts that highlight the relationships between callers and alert-linked people.