The Housing Conference 2022

Join us at The Housing Conference 2022 where our team will be introducing our latest cutting edge developments to enhance your resident engagement.

At The Housing Conference 2022, our team will be debuting our latest industry-leading developments after our £29 million (and counting!) investment. Resident engagement is a top priority for many forward-thinking housing providers and we’re confident NEC Housing’s latest solutions will provide immediate, real-time, access to the information residents need.

Here’s a preview of some of the announcements you can expect from us during the conference:

  • Vaia our new Virtual AI Assistant  – Our intuitive chatbot skilfully designed to deliver secure and streamlined communications with your residents
  • Remote Assistance – Our live streaming and messaging software is an all-in-one solution transforming your teams deliverability by connecting you with residents in a completely new way
  • NEC Engage – Our new app built around collaboration with residents by connecting you to them easily to build upon and maintain meaningful relationships
  • Account Analytics – Our single platform provides a seamless view of arrears risk incorporating predictive analytics allowing you to intervene early in the arrears process

If you’re conscious there’ll be lots to learn during the conference, you can book a dedicated time slot to speak directly and privately with the NEC Housing team to help you plan your time accordingly by completing the form below: