NeoFace® Watch is the world’s most trusted facial recognition software. It performs consistently regardless of age, ethnicity and gender by combining the best feature-matching and AI technologies.

Its built-in safeguards support privacy and proportionate use, with auditing and reporting as well as automatic and manual data retention tools.

This is why our NeoFace® facial recognition algorithm is used in more than 55 countries, to protect the public, transform customer service and improve efficiency.

How Does Live Facial Recognition Work?

How Does Live Facial Recognition Work?

NeoFace® Watch is designed to find a needle in a haystack, reducing a problem down to a much smaller review process. Built upon 40 years experience and world leading AI, it’s highly tolerant of ageing, angles, headwear and environmental factors such as lighting.

a safer and smarter world

Our biometrics & facial recognition software can help you save lives, protect people and support investigations.

Identify faces from CCTV cameras and Video Management Systems in real-time.

Unify match and mapping data to provide greater insights.

Process multiple video files faster than real-time, providing rapid post-event response.

Search images against watchlists that are unlimited in size, with simple enhancement and comparison tools.

Stream live video, view match alerts and search faces directly from a bodyworn or smart device.

Quickly take pictures to perform face searches or even enrol a subject onto the NFW server.

Easily import bulk image and video data from any source without the need to write a single line of code.

Integrate facial recognition into existing applications via web services and restful APIs.


Now in its sixth generation, NeoFace® Watch represents years of development. With direct input and collaboration from our customers, industry experts and the user community, it’s recognised as the market leader.

Our algorithms are independently tested and proven by organisations including NIST to be the most accurate and equitable in the world, combining traditional mathematical feature-based modelling with curated cutting edge AI.

This unique pedigree enables NeoFace® Watch to perform in complex real-world scenarios. Even with challenging lighting, weather, extreme angles and headwear, our data scientists’ experience and deep-learning ensures consistent performance across all genders, ages and ethnicities.

Biometrics & Facial Recognition


As biometric pioneers, we develop programmes for government, NGO and private sector clients. AI and biometric technology has the potential to enrich lives and build a smarter, safer world. And responsible use is critical to protecting that. To ensure ethical use of our technology, we have enacted a series of principles which govern the deployment of all our AI solutions:

Fairness – Ensure that individuals are not unfairly discriminated.

Dialogue – Build partnerships and collaborate with external experts and third-party stakeholders.

Privacy – Respect and protect individuals’ privacy.

Transparency – Create a framework to explain the result of AI decisions.

Explanation – Explain the effects, value and impacts of our AI solutions.

Utilisation – Ensure all solutions are implemented in a way that respects human rights. 

Development – Develop cutting-edge technologies and talent in an effort to promote AI utilisation.

“The main motive of this was to make the citizens safe…After implementation of safe city project, the crime rate has been reduced by 27 per cent”.

Dr K L N Rao, Joint Commissioner of Police of Surat

“Utilizing NeoFace Watch…We’re looking at quantifiable breakthroughs. We have seen a 30 percent increase in productivity, a huge positive impact in staff morale,”

Mr Ismail Isci, System Manager, Merit Lefkosa Casino


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