Replacing time-consuming static reports

The NEC Housing Dashboards give you instant access to in-depth information. You get a bird’s eye view of real-time activity and can drill down to the records that are affecting performance to take immediate action.

They make it easy to track your most critical key performance indicators (KPIs), from rent collection to void turnaround times or the percentage of properties with a high asbestos risk. There’s no need for labour-intensive data collection or reporting, just instant access to accurate information.

As well as tracking KPIs in specific areas, NEC Housing Dashboards can also help you improve business-wide. The Data Quality Dashboard, for example, highlights gaps, duplications or anomalies in your NEC Housing data and lets you make instant corrections. Then the KPI Map View Dashboard overlays property-level performance on a map featuring Government deprivation data. This means you can spot patterns and hotspots geographically, rather than spending hours interpreting tables of data.

All the KPIs you need

The Dashboards cover your most critical KPIs and are based on industry-recognised methods like Housemark:

Here’s an example of just a few of the KPIs that can tracked.

NEC Housing Dashboard


  • % of rent collected vs owed (excluding arrears b/f)
  • Tenant arrears as a % of annual rent debit (excluding HB adjustments)
  • Former tenant arrears as a % annual rent debit
  • Rent written off as a % of annual rent roll
  • % of all tenants evicted for rent arrears
  • % of rent lost through vacant dwellings


  • % of properties accepted on first offer
  • % of dwellings vacant and available to let
  • % of dwellings vacant but unavailable to let Average re-let time (calendar days)


  • % of emergency repairs completed within target time
  • % of urgent repairs completed within target time
  • % of routine repairs completed within target time
  • % of reactive repairs completed within target time
  • Average end-to-end time for all reactive repairs
  • % of appointments kept vs made Appointments made as a % of repairs orders


  • % of properties with gas servicing completed within 12 months
  • % of properties with electrical servicing completed within 12 months
  • % of overdue gas services
  • % of Admin Units where legionella risk indicated
  • % of properties with a high asbestos risk
NEC Housing Dashboard

NEC Housing Dashboard


  • Average void rent loss
  • Average repair cost for void properties
  • Top 5 most refused void properties
  • % of refusals on voids
  • Top 5 void properties with highest repair costs
  • Average repair costs on current voids
  • Top 5 properties with highest void turnaround time
  • Average no. of days that properties are at each void stage during their lifecycle.
  • Average re-let time
  • Current number of voids
  • Average void turnaround time
  • Voids as a % of stock