Facial recognition and thermal detection keep you COVID-secure

We’re passionate about applying innovative technology to solve the world’s biggest problems, which is why we’ve created NeoFace® Watch Thermal – a clever thermal imaging tool that securely measures and tracks employees’ temperatures when entering the workplace.

With little end in sight to the pandemic, technology is considered one of the key ways to support the economy and help people safely return to both places of work and leisure.

As a technology leader, we’re always looking for ways to protect our communities with digital innovation. Over the past months, we’ve been working to find a solution that helps organisations who cannot work remotely to bring their people back with confidence that they’re going to be safe – and we’re excited to reveal our new NeoFace® Watch Thermal solution that does exactly that.

A raised temperature is one of the key signs of COVID-19, so the ability to be able to detect this is vital for reducing the spread and protecting people working together.

You’ll likely have seen how technology – such as hand-held temperature scans – helps use this insight to manage risk. However, this approach can be intrusive and potentially puts security and reception employees, undertaking the measurements, at risk of contracting the illness.

This is where NeoFace® Watch Thermal can help, because it combines the most trusted facial recognition and thermal imaging technologies to automatically check every person’s temperature on entry. When an individual enters a building for the first time, they are asked to provide the relevant consent, then each time they visit, they are directed to specially equipped cameras that allow individuals to self certify their temperature in a safe and private way. Facial recognition technology then identifies that individual and records the date and time they were at a location.

This means that as a visitor, you don’t need to undertake intrusive temperature checks every time you arrive, but instead it happens automatically with your prior consent. As a result, organisations can automatically identify anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 so that they are prevented from entering the building. With the additional data available, from matching each entry to the person’s individual record, the organisation also can alert colleagues and customers that they’ve been in contact with an affected person on previous visits to the building, helping minimise the spread of the virus.

This solution is particularly beneficial to organisations where people can give their consent for its use, across many sectors – such as an office, work site or where there are memberships, such as a gym, library, or casino. Police, fire and ambulance workplaces, control rooms and prisons can use this approach, too.

NeoFace® Watch facial recognition software is already used in 50 countries over a range of sectors to protect the public and improve customer service.  It’s the world’s most accurate and trusted facial recognition software, performing consistently across age, ethnicity and gender.

We’d love to show you how this new technology works, if it sounds like a good fit with your organisation, just get in touch with us here.