The NHS is under pressure – and we can help

The NHS is under huge strain. With hospital outpatient visits nearly doubling over the past decade, coupled with the massive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a clear need to transform the way secondary care is managed in hospitals.

Vantage Health has a proven solution, powered by technology, to manage patient flow and reduce the pressure on hospitals by helping clinicians quickly and easily direct patients to the optimal treatment path. It also provides GPs and other referrers with instant access to hundreds of clinically approved guidelines and care pathways.

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Key Benefits

Rather than manually reviewing referrals and referencing pathway guidance manuals, our technology quickly analyses patient data and records, enabling clinicians to make quicker, better-informed referral decisions.

“DeRS is a game changer – I can’t believe that we used to use paper to do this”.

Jimmey Palahey LDC Chair, Nottinghamshire