Dispatch is a fully integrated CAD solution that gives you unparalleled control over your emergency response by presenting key information on locations, resources and callers together on a single screen.

Get a complete picture of an incident from contact to resolution and make faster, more informed dispatch decisions. A CAD that saves you time, money and reduces the pressure on your control rooms so you can focus on protecting your communities.

The Key Features

See incident, caller and resource locations in real-time with built-in Maps software. Manage incidents from start to finish with Record Management System and better prepare frontline officers with intelligent CRM integration.

Instantly tag colleagues to alert them to key information or to request support. This feature allows a coordinated response and enables the operator or dispatcher to fully concentrate on the call in progress.

Seamlessly identify specialised, available resources when needed. Book resource for non-emergency call outs and automatically link bookings with calendars to ensure no double-booking.

Enhancing situational awareness and enabling a focused response when receiving multiple, duplicate calls for one incident – this feature assesses a situation and avoids unnecessary duplication.

Automatically brings together information and data from multiple sources onto one screen, making key incident insights easily accessible. No more sifting through different screens – everything you need is right at your finger tips.

Dispatch is hosted in the cloud, meaning it’s accessible anywhere and on any device – increasing flexibility and availability. Enabling you to scale your system on demand to suit your control room. Plus, there’s no software installation necessary and it’s quick and simple to use

Stronger together

By choosing Dispatch, our comprehensive CAD solution with full integration to CRM, location services and RMS software – and game-changing features such as peer-to-peer or group tagging and notifications within the platform, along with streamlined resource diary booking – you can get a complete picture of incidents from call to court – helping you make faster, more informed deployment decisions that save lives.

Plus, with built-in Maps as standard, Dispatch combines the best in mapping technology with the latest in security and quality to help you track resource, vehicles, incidents, callers and points of interest at any location, all in one place.

Providing an advanced level of situational awareness, this gives you the data and visibility you need to make accurate decisions more quickly, so that you can streamline your response and maximise efficiency.

Keep your control room ahead of the curve


Keep your control room ahead of the curve

Our CAD, Dispatch, is entirely browser-based, cloud hosted and your call handlers and dispatchers can access it from any device, any time – providing a simple and seamless solution that can dramatically improve the effectiveness and speed of your emergency response.

It’s designed with the future in mind and is highly flexible and adaptable, so that you can benefit from continual upgrades and feature development that will keep your control room one step ahead – allowing you to concentrate on protecting your communities.

Make more informed decisions based on data

Because it draws on information from a wide variety of sources and automatically prioritises the most important insights, Dispatch gives you greater control over your response and enables your operators to assess the quality and relevance of each piece of data.

Giving your operators and dispatchers the robust intelligence they need to make a pragmatic, informed decision that achieves positive outcomes for everyone involved.