Better detection

Originally developed with engagement from the Home Office, xd brings together a whole range of data on incidents, crime, operational resources and more, presenting visual pictures and patterns of your day to day policing challenges.

You can monitor performance against national and local targets and combine external information, such as demographic profile data, with your own to identify the areas of highest risk and take more effective action.

Shared analysis

xd’s menu-driven interface gets people up to speed fast and enables analysts in multiple departments to work as a single team. Data and analyses can be shared both within your force and with other agencies, enabling the most appropriate response to both strategic and tactical issues.

Quick connections

xd is part of our Universe GIS platform so all data works across the components, enabling quick sharing of operational GIS information through the web client xWeb and the Control Room application, xc. Third party data from other sources and systems can be easily imported to add value and context to analytical studies.

Features and Benefits

Connects multiple data sources, helping to visualise demand today and tomorrow and plan a more effective response

Shares data with xc Desktop and xWeb to create single, efficient GIS platform for the whole force

Cuts out costly integrations through Open GIS Consortium web services that allow direct interface with third party systems

Enables in-depth analysis of large volumes of data

Offers secure, permission-based access

With xd, you can:

  • Spatially review historic incident data to help with future resourcing schedules, e.g. Choropleth Analysis, Grid Analysis and Kde Hotspot Analysis
  • Locate mobile telephone mast sites and combine them with terrain elevation data to determine cell site coverage and usage
  • Integrate with your gazetteer to enable immediate access to locations of interest ,e.g. plotting places of worship, schools, ATMs etc in conjunction with historic crime data
  • Query external data sets spatially, e.g. drawing a polygon around a housing development and returning all occupants’ names within that area when querying Experian’s Name Tracer dataset
  • Create “evidence packs” for Court