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Our interventions management (IM) software helps you keep track of the rehabilitation programmes that encourage offenders to make different life choices.

As a practitioner in probation, youth justice or prisons, you can use IM to manage the end-to-end referral process, scheduling group work and one-to-one programmes.

This gives you the power to plan, manage and report on all activities from attendance to completion.

It is also used to manage interventions by non-offender organisations, including government, private sector and charities.

Collaborative interventions management

Interventions Manager

Collaborative interventions management

Justice officers can keep track and manage the life cycle of their referrals all in one place. Users can create, edit and manage a referral as a single file, even as it passes between teams, departments and agencies.

We’ve made it easy for teams to share information with other permitted agencies too, such as prisons and the probation services, in the interest of collation.

Connected to pathways

Interventions Manager can be used by itself or as a module of Pathways.

Pathways is dedicated to supporting corrections staff, offenders, victims and the public throughout the justice process.

It connects data and functionality across the justice sector work together. So you can do what you do best, helping people with the knowledge that you have their full and up to date story.

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Interventions Manager