Our approach to justice software is simple. It’s about making sure users in the sector have the right tools to do their job. Freeing up time and integrating data so they can focus on helping the people they work with.

Our software is designed and developed by ex-practitioners from the UK probation, prison and youth justice sectors, so it’s influenced by a deep understanding of the justice system and its challenges.

How we can support you

Our vision is to support users across the criminal justice system. Find out how we aim to achieve this and if aligns with your needs:

We build solutions that are offender-centric, capturing information throughout their criminal justice journey. Keeping a single master record of an offender’s involvement with justice services, so that practitioners have their full story in one place.

We want partner agencies to be collaborative. Our solutions enable working as one team and allows for effective information sharing and exchange.

We want the public to have solutions that engender confidence, where risks are recorded and people are kept safe.

We want practitioners to have solutions that are simple to use and integrate so they only have to record information once. Built with the latest user experience design, easy to use, accessible and customisable on any device.

We want justice leaders to have systems that are secure, accredited and meet requirements. To be transparent with full auditability and compliant with data protection laws.

We want victims to only have to tell their story once. Our solutions capture their information and risks.

follow the offender journey with Pathways case management

Pathways is a multi-module solution dedicated to supporting staff, offenders, victims and the public throughout the justice process.

It connects data and functionality to allow the justice sector to work together. So you can do what you do best, helping people with the knowledge that you have their full and up to date story.

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Why trust us as your justice partner?


Why trust us as your justice partner?

We work with the Ministry of Justice
We’re partners with the Ministry of Justice and the Youth Justice Board (YJB). This keeps us up to date on everything in the criminal justice system. We’ve completed the Ministry of Justice security accreditation too. We also work with the National Probation Service and CRCs, local authority Youth Offending Teams and across prisons, institutions and secure training centres.

Our people are your people
Our team take inspiration from their decades of experience in the sector. Their experiences includes Interventions Facilitators and Team Managers, Unpaid Work Supervisors, Probation Service Officers, Youth Justice Officers and Data Analysts at the Youth Justice Board.

We’re already in the cloud
Hosted technology isn’t new to us, so we’ll help you on your digital justice journey. Our specialism is in building cloud-based applications. We’re always developing new features based on real feedback, too.


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