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Our Media Manager software is used by probation officers to record accredited justice session on a smartphone, which are then upload files to a secure cloud system.

By replacing tapes and DVDs it makes information easier to record, store and review.

Media Manager also integrates with case management systems so you can link a session to someone’s record and automates compliance, having the latest data protection regulations built in.

A simple 3 stage process

Media Manager

A simple 3 stage process

Media Manager has transformed how prison and probation teams manage offending behaviour programmes. Making it easier to capture, store and share high-quality video footage with 3 simple steps:

  1. Mobile app on locked-down smartphone is set up on a portable tripod to record a group session.
  2. The device records audio and video securely during the session.
  3. The recording is instantly uploaded securely.

Afterwards, because the device syncs to the Media Manager portal, users with permissions can review the recorded sessions to complete quality assurance reports.

“Media Manager has completely transformed how we work, making recordings far easier to capture, store and share. Since going live, we’ve increased the number of high-quality recordings we have by 75%.”

Sundeep Chhachhi, Head of Programmes, London Community Rehabilitation Company

Connected to pathways

Media Manager can be used by itself or as a module of Pathways.

Pathways is dedicated to supporting corrections staff, offenders, victims and the public throughout the justice process.

It connects data and functionality across the justice sector work together. So you can do what you do best, helping people with the knowledge that you have their full and up to date story.

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