Working for NEC Software Solutions India has been one of the best experiences of my life since it is my first company to work for. Here you can build a career, I’ve received excellent training and development opportunities in the field I’m interested in. I really appreciate the opportunity to work on a team project which helped me to boost my confidence and skills. NEC Software Solutions India provides a great friendly atmosphere that brings together people from all walks of life to combine and provide an effective, high-level service for its clients.

Alankar Panchal, Associate Test Analyst

My journey at NEC Software Solutions India has been fantastic. Every day at the office has been new learning from my mentors and colleagues. I never felt any boundaries or restriction for sharing my thoughts or ideas. I am very thankful to the organisation to give me an opportunity to explore myself. The environment at our workplace is always cordial. Issues raised are always been resolved on time. I am lucky to have the best Manager.

Meghna Adhav, Senior Executive – Recruitment