Headquartered in London, the client is the largest professional association involved in the advancement of the field of chemistry. A not for profit organisation, the client partners with the industry and academia to promote innovation and collaboration that can help advance the field of chemistry across the globe. Primarily a knowledge based organisation, the client supports research and conducts seminars and conferences throughout the year. The client publishes over 40 peer reviewed journals, 1500 books, and a collection of online databases each year.

As a key component of its business strategy, the client wanted to leverage technology for the promulgation of knowledge in the field of chemistry and provide a set of global platforms that would enable businesses and academia to broaden their understanding, contribute to the existing body of knowledge, and share resources that help develop the field of chemistry further. The client had established multi-year objectives to enable them to reach out to a much wider audience using technology. To help achieve this, it was imperative to find a technology partner that combined innovation, excellent service delivery, and applications live.

Business Needs

  • Transforming knowledge dissemination from a traditional to a technology-based platform
  • Huge volumes of data that needed to be processed in order to make the various portals and applications live
  • STM publishing being a niche domain, the client wanted a technology partner with a deep understanding of the domain
  • Scalability & Flexibility in order to cope up with the rapidly growing volumes of data

The Engagement
NEC Software Solutions (India) started working with the client in 2009. Throughout this seven year engagement we have evolved from working on individual projects to managing the entire IT programme for the client. Some of the key projects we have executed include:

Our Work
As a technology partner, we worked with the client to continuosly evolve thier technology stack apart from the regular set of program management activities. Some key areas of work in the engagement have been:

  • Developing SOA based online content delivery platforms powered by Marklogic servers to enable publishing multiple types of content
  • Building open access platforms and automating the abstracting and indexing processes, thereby making more information available to the end users
  • Developing interactive education resources as well as conceptualising and creating approved training courses that enable the client to reach out to a wider set of audiences across the globe
  • Developing content platforms that enable academics and practitioners to advance their knowledge with Continuing professional development courses
  • Developing web applications as well as mobile applications (Android and iOS) for various services
  • Programme management
    1. Concept building, needs and expectation analysis of stakeholders
    2. Solution architecture using state of the art technologies such as WCF, MVC, AJAX
    3. Web design and usability for the user facing applications
    4. Application development
    5. Testing
    6. Deployment
    7. Continuous improvement and application enhancement to enhance user experience delivery

Business Benefits

  • Faster service/platform rollouts
  • Increasing the reach and audience engagement
  • Enabling service provision for a wide variety of resources and platforms
  • End to end program management
  • Continuous improvement on existing platforms
  • Reduced total cost of ownership

Our value offering
Throughout the course of the engagement, NEC Software Solutions (India) has played the role of a technology partner rather than a service vendor. Our service delivery has been based on the following three key pillars:

  • Service Delivery – Our experience in working on large scale IT programs and our reputation as a trusted technology partner, coupled with a strong set of frameworks, methodologies, and best practices enable us to deliver beyond customer expectations.
  • Domain Expertise – Our focus on the publishing domain and our understanding of the STM publishing business enables us to design solutions and workaround issues like an extended part of the client’s team.
  • Publishing CoE – Our dedicated Publishing CoE propagates best practices in the publishing domain and ensures that resources are abreast with the latest technology developments, enabling us to add value throughout the engagement.

Innovation & Continuous Improvement
Our focus on innovation and the continuous enhancement of existing systems enables us to work as a technology partner rather than as a service provider.