Launch of National Policing Digital Strategy 2020-2030

Academic and senior officers from police forces across the country attended the Police ICT Summit 2020 in January. The event theme this year was “Delivering Change at Pace in a Digitally Disrupted Age” and the topics revolved around the challenges and opportunities that digital disruption could bring in to policing. The event had a balanced mix of sessions by the law and enforcement stakeholders, academics and workshops by suppliers.

The Launch of National Policing Digital Strategy 2020-2030 was the main highlight of the event, and everyone in the industry is excited to see how it is implemented. The National Police Technology Council and the Police ICT Company have jointly co-authored the strategy based on Policing Vision 2025 and other relevant cross-government strategies that support policing’s core mission to make communities safer.

The strategy presents five key digital ambitions, each with a set of digital priorities to guide focus and investment.

Seamless Citizen Experience – Connecting with citizens through multiple channels, media or device, collecting information and sharing data across departments, forces to build a more credible and richer intelligence picture for effective policing.
Addressing Harm – Using digital technologies and behaviours to identify the risk of harm and protect the vulnerable.
Enabling Officers and Staff – Providing leadership through to the front-line, with the right capabilities in terms of knowledge, skills and tools to deal with increasingly complex crimes.
Embedding a Whole Public System Approach – Sharing data insights and making use of digital tools to work more effectively across the public safety system.
Empowering the Private Sector – Strengthening the relationship policing has with the private sector, and empower it to, appropriately, share in public safety responsibilities.

The ambitions are underpinned by seven data and technology enablers, which will provide the foundation for the nationwide digital transformation.

Data – Unlocking more value from data while maintaining public trust and shift from a reactive policing model to designing proactive and preventative solutions.
Strategic alignment and design – Aligning around a national vision for police data and technology through architectural principles.
Modernised core technology – Reducing the complexity and cost of the legacy infrastructure with modernised core technology.
Connected technology – Using connected technology to place more information into the hands of officers and staff when and where they need it.
Risk and security – Securing data and applying a consistent, proportional approach to technology risk.
Talent in data & technology – Identifying and positioning the next generation of data and technology talent to help and enable digital transformation
Transforming the PoliceTech market – Providing incentives for an open, vibrant market in police tech, driven by value and innovation.

You can download the strategy document here.

We are delighted that our policing software is in alignment with the digital strategy, and we are excited to work closely with the forces in bringing the digital change.