Rave Technologies Announces the 4th Annual Publishing Conference

The event slated to be held in London on the 8th November will bring together business and technology leaders from publishing, to discuss the current scenario and issues that most publishers face.

Mumbai, July 2016: After an extremely successful edition last year, Rave Technologies is pleased to announce the 4th Annual Publishing Conference, to be held in London on the 8th of November this year. In a business world where boundaries are being pushed every day and change is en vogue, the conference is aptly titled – ‘Publishing in a Fragmented World’.

The conference is an annual feature in Rave Technologies’ calendar and as such the only kind of its event for technologists in the publishing space. Like its previous editions, this year’s conference will feature the top names in publishing technology, who will take centre stage to discuss the impact of business and technology change on the industry. Participants will get an insider’s view into the current and future trends in publishing technology and how to leverage these trends to their advantage. Discussions at the conference will also touch upon commonly faced issues and the strategies that publishers can use to overcome these issues.

As the only conference in the list of publishing industry events that focuses on the technology side of publishing, the event is a great opportunity for networking with the technology community in publishing and gain insight into the more intricate workings of the business.

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