Headquartered in Washington DC, the customer is the world’s largest professional society serving both clinicians and scientists around the world who are working to conquer blood diseases. The society has more than 1700 members from nearly 100 countries.

Business Needs
The customer had an old awards system which was implemented in a silo with little flexibility and was not integrated with other systems. As a result, the existing system involved a lot of data transfer, manual activities, and had IT dependency to get the reports for the business to make a decision. This impacted the business with more errors and rework and more staff efforts..

Our Work
We helped the customer with the following enhancements in their existing award management system

  • Managing the award lifecycle – from award creation to closure
  • Template-based approach for award workflows to cater to the commonalities and differences in business processes across various awards
  • Award control centre to monitor the award processes and take necessary actions
  • Template-based notifications – Emails and realtime on-screen
  • Template-based assessments and score calculations
  • Form designer to create, re-use and manage the application forms
  • Multilingual application forms support
  • CMS to manage the resources for applicants and reviewers
  • Review and study section for real-time collaboration and assessments
  • Dynamic report generation

Business Benefits
With the new functionalities added in the award management system, the customer was able to accommodate all seventeen types of award programs across three different departments. The enhanced version provided much more flexibility, reduced staff
efforts, and more accurate data for decision making.

Our Value Offering
Throughout the course of our engagement with the customer, NEC Software Solutions (India) played the role of a technology partner rather than a service vendor. Our value offering is based on the following key pillars;

  • Technology Expertise – We have unparalleled experience in publishing software solutions. This expertise enables us to understand customer requirements precisely and delivers on those very lines.
  • Service Delivery – Our experience in working on large scale IT programs and our reputation as a trusted technology partner, coupled with a strong set of frameworks, methodologies, and best practices enable us to understand and deliver beyond customer expectations.
  • Domain Expertise – Our understanding of the Publishing business enables us to design solutions and work around issues like an extended part of the client’s team rather than as a service provider.
  • Publishing CoE – Our dedicated Publishing CoE propagates best practices in the publishing domain and ensures that resources are abreast with the latest technology developments, enabling us to add value throughout the