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ASSURE Data Management Tool – The data processor that automates your GDPR tasks

ASSURE’s Data Management Tool can support your GDPR compliance. And here’s how.

It’s dynamic and easy to use, with the ability to completely automate essential GDPR functions that would otherwise have to be done manually, saving time. It offers the ability to set an automatic process to delete any Public Protection records in ASSURE that meet the criteria that you have set, giving you complete autonomy and confidence in your GDPR processes. 

But how granular can you get with selecting the criteria for the automated process?

The short answer is very. You can set a retention period against each individual task type, giving you complete peace of mind that your systems are organised and under control.

You can run the scheduled deletion of data in three modes. These are:

  • Delete all matching records
  • Select all matching records and save as a list
  • Delete all records from the last saved list

If you have modules where data should always be kept, you can leave the Retention Period blank, and the Scheduler will ignore them. You also have the capability to list any specific records that should be excluded from this process, even if the rest of that Task Type is up for deletion.

The point is, ASSURE’s Data Management Tool gives you the flexibility to find records that match specific criteria, no matter how granular, and exclude those you want to keep. Whatever you need to do, we’ve got the solution. 

For more information on how our Data Management Tool can be of benefit to your organisation, please do get in touch with our team at