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NEC Document Management automates the lifecycle of information from capture to disposal. It reaches deep into your systems to drive efficiency from within, therefore it frees up your teams so they can achieve more.

Whatever you do, do it smarter.

  • Manage information of all kinds, from forms to email, voice, video and paper.
  • Get a quick return on investment as a result of deep integration, a clean design and great workflow.
  • Keep on top of compliance, including managing GDPR and Freedom of Information requirements efficiently.
  • Stay flexible for the future by connecting new departments, new systems and new processes with ease.


At work, at home or on the move, NEC Document Management will transform your day. It cuts print, post and manual tasks, therefore there’s big savings too.

It works wherever you do because it’s browser-based.

Built-in processes (and the tools to tweak them).

Secure information management for 30 years, and to over 120,000 users.

We’re constantly investing in innovation to help you transform how you work.

Go from one department to all departments with ease.

On your site, in your cloud or on NEC’s hosted platform – whatever your size.

Supporting your accreditation in GDPR, admissibility and more.

Advanced tools that grab emails, documents and more so nothing gets missed.

Work quickly and efficiently in any area

meet the team

Meet our experienced and committed document management team.

“NEC Document Management is making a huge difference in HR. We’re on track to save more than £100,000 in our first year from process improvement and print cost reductions alone.”

Sue Knowles, Head of ICT and Revenues and Benefits, Sandwell MBC.


See how our document management software and services are helping customers of all kinds.

We also offer expert support for a paperless office

Our scanning service can digitise your paper archives and live files in order to free up space and make records instantly available. Just as important, we’ll support you at every stage, from planning through to transport, scanning and secure destruction.

Our digital mailroom service sees us open, scan and upload incoming post into your EDMS. Our post room service works in reverse, therefore our expert team manages printing, postage and EDMS updates on your behalf.