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We’re the UK’s number one partner, processing almost 50% of the total housing benefit and council tax caseload. Our customers also process new claims accurately and complete changes faster than anyone else.

NEC Revenues & Benefits blends the latest technology with decades of experience. First, there’s the slick automation that cuts out manual processing. Then there’s the browser-based interface that’s a breeze to use. Finally, you can integrate other systems seamlessly to deliver a great customer experience.

Revenues & Benefits

How much could your council save with
Citizen Access?

We have used information from our existing customers to calculate what any council might be able to save by using the suite of Citizen Access Solutions


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NEC Revenues & Benefits

We built our software for dynamic revenues and benefits teams. It’s got everything you need to automate high-volume activity. Which means you get to focus on what matters.

Easy self-service with Citizen Access

Our self-service solutions make it easier than ever to manage modern life. They’re available for Revenues, Benefits, Landlords and more. And because they’re smartphone-ready, they let your customers apply, make changes and upload evidence from any device. Direct integration with NEC Revenues & Benefits also cuts out manual tasks so that you can focus on more complex cases.

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Take performance to the next level

We can help you get the most from your software. First, there’s our cloud solutions that keep things running smoothly. Then there’s our remote processing too. We can provide a capacity boost when you need it or we can help you to change your approach, like offering proactive support to your customers.

NEC Cloud

When you use our software in our cloud you get end-to-end support. This means you can improve availability and launch self-service without new hardware. There’s 24/7 access to specialist support and great security but at a lower cost than other providers.

Processing services

Our expert team is always on hand to boost capacity or offer long-term support. From claim processing to discount reviews, we’re ready to make a difference.