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Registries platform that improve patient care

Registries hold data on treatment outcomes so that doctors can pick the best option for patients. Our registries platform makes data collection and storage quick, easy and secure. This means that people involved in patient care can:

  • track the success of treatments over time
  • compare hospitals, surgeons, devices and treatments
  • track the performance of medical devices
  • introduce new treatments and devices safely
  • identify patients affected by a product alert

Our registry data services then offer implant-specific reports to manufacturers, helping them to track performance and understand opportunities.


Discover Registries Data Services

Safe innovation with beyond compliance

Health Registries

Safe innovation with beyond compliance

Made possible by the National Joint Registry (NJR), Beyond Compliance supports the safe introduction of new or modified medical devices. First, an independent panel of experts sets the relative risk of a new product. From that, they then set the right rate of introduction and monitor its performance. By identifying issues quickly, the panel can encourage innovation and keep patients safe.

ODEP device rating

The Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel (ODEP) is made up of leading surgeons and experienced non-clinical staff. First, the Panel reviews orthopaedic implant data and awards a rating. This then starts a long-term benchmarking process that compares devices over time. The Panel also reviews data at defined time points to check that products are still performing.

Health Registries

“Working with NEC is key to realising our ambitions. Their experience supporting other international registries will be essential as we work to attract new hospitals and industry partners.”

Robert Conrad, Registry Manager, Spine Tango