NEC Connect is the only police record management system that does more than manage records. It’s the single point of truth that can give you – on demand – the full story of the people, objects, locations and events that your force has ever dealt with. It joins that data to paint the full picture, so you can mitigate risk and protect the people in your force, and across your community.

It enables true policing collaboration, in partnership with several police forces of all sizes working together. This means that no matter how you build your NEC Connect ecosystem, you’ll always start with a powerful police record management system at the core. With the option to add more modules based on the demands you’re facing.


With NEC Connect, you can change how your force approaches its practices to help it become outstanding in its inspections.

Just as one example, it defines, for every police officer, the steps they must take when recording a crime, so that information is never missed that would prevent the case going to court, which also creates operational efficiency improvements.

NEC Connect

With NEC Connect, you can…

Make informed decisions, backed up by an intelligent and dynamic data-optimisation platform that gives you the details you need.

Meet your strategic and operational objectives. Customise your system with additional modules and third-party solutions.

Coordinate and optimise your response through seamless intelligence sharing with external agencies.

Streamline your operations and increase efficiency, with access-controlled data, an intuitive user experience, automated paperless workflow management and once-only keying.

Get a platform that can grow with you, enabling you to adapt to new challenges whilst benefiting from long term value for money.

Protect people, tackle crime and reduce reoffending. Empower your officers on the beat with a full database at their fingertips with an on the go app.

Connect enables you to obtain critical insights, by linking data and presenting it in a way that directly mitigates risk.

Flexible configuration and integration capability means your force can align with their existing working practices and other core solutions, resulting an orderly and low-risk transition.

Future-proof police software

NEC Connect

Future-proof police software

The NEC Connect platform uses a single data store and aligned business services designed to scale to your growing requirements. There are core modules for investigations, intelligence, custody and case preparation as well as options for:

  • Digital Asset Management
  • Digital Evidence
  • Mobile
  • Partner Platform
  • Public Engagement
  • Property Management
  • Missing Persons

You can also add our leading Forensics software to your NEC Connect suite.

“The systems connectivity will help teams controlling offenders see their interactions with the force and neighbourhood teams to see incidents in geo-fenced areas. Visualisation of intelligence will transform investigation opportunities. PMPs will help us plan and coordinate prevention interventions. That is Precision Policing”.

Dave Thompson, Chief Constable, West Midland Police