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From touch-screen control room software to world-class biometrics, our transport software helps providers to keep things moving and safe.

Our solutions are used at ports, airports, railways and tube lines. They streamline communications, improve customs enforcement and locate known individuals.

Support for rail and tube control rooms

CallTouch has over 300 daily users across UK. By taking in live CCTV feeds as well as SMS/MMS contact, operators can make better decisions using accurate information from colleagues on the ground. Staff can also manage their call queue because it presents calls in priority order.

It’s designed to connect – not replace – existing communication methods. This means you can work more efficiently without needing new hardware.

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Providing major airlines with vital comms


Providing major airlines with vital comms

With multiple communications, tight deadlines and changeable environments, airports rely on a robust, flexible and efficient communication system. Welcome to Cortex, our Integrated Communication Control System (ICCS) that gives airport control rooms the ability to listen to Air Traffic Control, communicate with remote ground staff and much more. It is the perfect all-in-one solution to help airports maintain control and improve efficiency.

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The Department for Transport needed to implement new legislation requiring HGVs to contribute to the cost of wear and tear on UK roads. This time-based levy had to apply to all HGVs over 12 tonnes.

For UK-registered HGVs, payments are made alongside the existing Vehicle Excise Duty transaction. However, for foreign HGVs a new GOV.UK service was needed to manage payments.

We built the foreign operator payment system, which in its first year saw 97% of the payments for 1.5m levies made online.

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Improving efficiency and communications on the London Underground


Improving efficiency and communications on the London Underground

We are very proud of our work with Motorola in helping improve the communications network of the London Underground.

As part of the Connect initiative, we have supplied control room software and TETRA mobile data terminals. Which have helped make improvements that benefit the 800 million users of the Underground each year.

Our software supports London Underground’s control room and on-board technology, resulting in:

  • Better allocation of trains
  • Quicker resolution of disruptions
  • Improved passenger flow
  • Increased overall efficiency


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