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Make building control inspections a breeze

Simplify building inspections with everything from automated bookings to a mobile app

Building Control teams cover a huge range of buildings, from houses to football stadiums. And with budget cuts putting pressure on all local authorities, teams are having to manage ever-growing demand with fewer staff. Building control inspections are time and resource heavy. Both members of the public and surveyors need a streamlined process from start to finish to meet demand. Our vision for the future of building control inspections looks at everything from bookings to site visits.

Improve customer experience with self-service building control inspection bookings

When a site is ready for inspection, right now a member of the public would have to phone or email their local authority to arrange a site visit. And this applies to plot and phase inspections as well as individual sites. The process takes up time and resources and can cause delays. With ASSURE, members of the public can self-serve bookings in an instant. Say a builder needed to arrange an Initial Inspection. They will be able to input the type of building control inspection they require and their location, and the system will automatically assign an officer to the inspection. 

And it’s intuitive too. Local authorities have the option to create time slots for inspections, or they can just allocate a certain number to each day and ASSURE does the rest. The system even has the ability to adapt to changes in availability, like taking annual leave into consideration. What’s more, with advanced mapping we can use a site address to intelligently plot jobs in a certain geography and allocate them to specific teams. All in one automated system. 

Drive efficiencies with mobile working

And that seamless experience is shared with building control surveyors too. We created an easy to use mobile app that can work offline, sync with the back office, and give office-based staff a bird’s eye view of activity. Surveyors have more control over how they work, with the flexibility to work at their desk only when needed. 

Once a job is automatically routed to a specific individual or team, it will show up in their jobs list on our mobile app. So when they arrive on site, the relevant plans and full inspection histories are available instantly. What’s more, they can easily upload photos to provide evidence or get a second opinion. There are standard paragraphs of text that surveyors can amend to help record their findings easily. The system will prompt them with a focused tick box for each building control inspection type. So you can tailor the free text fields for a Foundation Inspection or Drainage Inspection, or whatever else falls on the to-do list for that day.

Seamless inspections with smart processes

Within minutes of completing an inspection and synching the tablet, it’s possible to email a PDF clearly showing the fixes required. The builder then knows exactly what to address, helping to speed up completion. This means the next visit can focus on the specific problem areas. No need to waste time re-doing an entire inspection. Just sign off the non-conformities and input the evidence back into the system to complete it. You can even send an email to notify the builder that the inspection was satisfactory for them to continue development or a completion certificate has been issued. 

And if your job overran, no need to worry. You can send SMS updates to advise members of the public of your expected arrival time, and even add in free text if you need to send updates. It’s all part of the automated yet personalised experience. 

The future of building control inspections

Our mobile app is already in use across the country, increasing flexible working and productivity. And with ASSURE Building Control due out this year, automated bookings and SMS will complete the picture. 

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