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Transform environment and planning services with ASSURE

ASSURE is transformative because we understand what you want and need.

We understand the importance of continually but wisely investing in modern technology. We want to keep the services we offer relevant and impactful for our customers. This does not mean blindly adding in the latest piece of technology whenever it comes out. Instead, our investment comes from listening and being responsive to our customers’ requirements and needs.

With this is precisely what we have done. It’s built how you need it to work

Standing out from the crowd

ASSURE is transformative because it is led by our expertise and understanding of what our customers really want and need. We have been operating as an environment and planning provider for many years, bringing tons of deep experience. This ensures that the modules which comprise ASSURE have been built from the ground up, steered by that expertise and understanding. 

It also means that, as new requirements materialise, we can look to develop solutions in the right direction. 

This expertise, coupled with the latest technology innovations, helps to make ASSURE a solid contender in environment and planning. We have designed ASSURE to be browser-based and accessible from any device, empowering staff to work more efficiently and proactively.

These powerful, tech-led benefits all add up to drive an intuitive and highly customisable product that:

  • Streamlines transactions, applications and inspections: All built forms and transactions are streamlined for customers, making processes as smooth as possible. ASSURE enables you to highlight errors on submitted forms and generate emails to the applicant, so they can fix online. Corrected forms are updated automatically and the application moves forward.
  • Delivers radical improvements in work processes and performance: Submissions are more reliable because ASSURE highlights errors while forms are populated. Customers are alerted to mistakes as they key data in so they can rectify before submitting, saving time.
  • Offers seamless customer experiences: ASSURE uses a simple, intuitive interface for your team and your customers. Build or amend public-facing transactions with ease, so you can take applications, evidence, enquiries and payments from customers.
  • Updates in real-time: Working in the cloud and from any device means information can be updated in real-time, so data is accessible and reliable when you need it most.

Robust, flexible and future-proof

ASSURE is proving its worth across environment and planning because of its flexibility and robustness. One customer is saving 714 hours a year through automatic email generation alone, and task-based mobile is increasing the productivity of field staff by 70%. In licensing, it’s cutting effort per transaction by 40%.

The platform’s open integration means easy connections to CRM, corporate web accounts, finance systems and more. You can streamline services whenever you’re ready.

Further innovation is guaranteed to be driven by our own expertise. As a larger company, with years behind us in this market, we can offer more and deliver the right kind of high-level investment. We listen to our valued customers and intimately understand  the modern issues encountered in planning and licensing. This, alongside ASSURE’s browser-based, cloud-deployed capabilities, is why ASSURE is ahead of the game.

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