The four principles of the Spine Tango Registry

Data security and accessibility make the difference for Europe’s leading spinal registry.

Globally recognised with over 700 hospitals and healthcare departments contributing data, the Spine Tango registry is making waves. The registry, run by EUROSPINE, helps surgeons, hospitals and medical device manufacturers evaluate treatments and improve outcomes for patients with spinal and neck injuries.

The information already collected and underway plans to enhance the registry aim to inform treatments and techniques, and strengthen patient safety when receiving spinal surgery. There are four guiding principles for Spine Tango:

[1] Easy data entry

Spine Tango records information about the surgery, details of the patient, and the implants used, entered through a secure online system. Benefits of easy data entry include:

  • Standardised data forms for any type of spinal intervention and follow-up with a long history of ongoing development
  • Participation in an international research network

[2] High-quality data

The data is analysed by our qualified analysts and is published in aggregated format in an Annual Report. Benefits of high-quality data include:

  • Validated patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) 
  • Prognostic modelling of treatment outcome for shared decision-making to establish realistic patient expectations and standardise spinal care across the border
  • Data aggregation to produce statistically robust analyses sooner
  • Proof of performance for surgeons, departments or spine societies

[3] Access to data and reporting

Annual benchmarking reports are generated for the users against global benchmarks. Benefits of data and reporting accessibility include:

  • Quality assurance through reporting and benchmarking
  • Flexible reporting elements to meet the needs of specific groups, e.g. national societies
  • Independent usage by surgeons, hospitals, countries, etc. 
  • Access to anonymised pooled data for benchmarking and research

[4] Data security

Data is subject to strict security and confidentiality standards associated with patient identifiable information. Benefits of data security include:

  • Data protection in compliance with the GDPR
  • Assured Surgeon Data confidentiality
  • Surgeon level data is only available to the individual participating surgeon.