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New Cloud guide for housing providers explains how to extract the benefits

As housing providers look to the future, our Cloud guide offers a helping hand. The first in a series of practical guides for the housing sector, it looks at trends in cloud computing, demystifies key terms and offers hints and tips for making a smooth move.

Cloud adoption is happening at pace

We’re seeing organisations in all sectors move to the cloud or upgrade their set-up. This includes over 50 of our customers who now use NEC Housing in the cloud. Some, like Anchor Hanover, made the move to enable self-service. Others, like Network Homes, looked at the cost of the new infrastructure they needed and found that our fully-managed service was cheaper.

Whatever the reason, they’re not alone. As our new guide shows, the value of the global cloud computing market is expected to double between 2022 and 2025. The pandemic played a part by showing how all kinds of services could run well, and sometimes more cost-effectively, online.

Download ‘Get your head in the cloud’, a guide for future focussed housing providers

Why a Cloud guide for housing providers?

Housing providers aim to deliver a great service to their tenants. Yet we know they’re facing significant challenges, like cybersecurity threats and budget constraints to name but two. Adopting a cloud-first policy can help to keep critical services online, but what type of cloud?

Our guide aims to help answer that question. It simplifies cloud terminology into two options – public or private – and shows how the set-up can vary depending on provider’s needs. Some organisations might need to bypass ageing infrastructure to release their ambitions. Others may be struggling to balance growing demand with hiring constraints. Either way, cloud has the potential to free up time and reduce costs.

Picking the right cloud can mean:

  • Advanced cybersecurity protections, like 24/7 monitoring, back-ups and patching
  • Full control over timings, with software updates planned with your needs in mind
  • Cost certainty, through fixed monthly fees rather than unpredictable variations
  • Ongoing advice on how to maximise the benefits and avoid the pitfalls

Download our Cloud guide today

Whether you’re new to the cloud or thinking about doing it differently, our guide is there to help you on your journey.