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Leading the Way: Pilot Podcast Episode

The NHS is on the cusp of a revolution. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to faster technology adoption rates than ever before.

But how do you tell the good from the average, or bad technologies? And which will transform the NHS and improve patient care?

Please click here to listen to the pilot episode of the Practicalities in Outpatient Transformation podcast, “Leading the way”, where we bring together healthcare leaders, Chris Robbins, General Manager at London North West Healthcare NHS Trust, David Ezra, Head of Transformation at Vantage Health and Sam Shah, Global Digital Advisor, who formerly worked for the Department of International Trade and NHSX, to discuss the implementation of healthcare solutions from the perspective of a large NHS hospital.


Discussion summary:

  • The pandemic has enforced change. There was no time or resource for a robust change programme to be enacted and the pressures resulted in decision making processes being accelerated. It also significantly improved the way organisations such as ICSs have worked together.
  • Implementation is key to whether technologies will work. Technologies that have worked, such as real time clinical communications, have been those which have solved a problem. Technologies that haven’t been useful are those which haven’t understood the environment in which they’ve been implemented.
  • Creating user centric solutions. When developing technologies, it is important to understand people, understand their problems and design it with them to create user centric solutions. Where technologies haven’t worked well is when they’ve been developed in a vacuum.
  • Decisions around systems need to be made by the right people. This hasn’t always happened – to the detriment of those on the front line that need to use them