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Precision Policing at a community level

Precision Policing is a term that has been coined to reflect “an organizing principle, to ensure that police work with the community in ways that add up to police legitimacy… It ensures that police use connectivity more than enforcement; but when enforcement is necessary, it is accurately and narrowly directed” and “Aapproach that uses crime data to focus police activity, to remove some of the most serious criminals from the streets.” 

With recent initiatives that focus on rebuilding trust with communities and aid the safeguarding of vulnerable members of the public, the use of technology to help identify suspects accurately and quicker can be an extremely useful ‘tool in the box’ to support local policing. 

Retrospective facial recognition (RFR) is one such tool, providing the ability to rapidly and accurately search databases to identify criminals, across multiple possible crimes, to help increase solvability and ultimately reduce the number of victims of crime. 

Reducing the number of victims, solving crimes that matter and ultimately taking criminals off the street will make the public feel safer and increase trust in policing at a community level. 

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We are proud to be using our 30 years of experience with UK Police Forces to help build a safer world. Showing how FR can streamline internal processes and ethically achieve their strategic plans. 

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