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Unleashing Policing’s Productivity Potential

As a tech supplier and innovator, here at NEC Software Solutions, our team is passionate about how we can harness the latest technology to help Police Forces, globally. 

We have run several pilot programmes and developed proof-of-concept solutions that focus on improving the productivity of operational processes and helping our customers deliver better public services.  

Paul Roberts, Head of Strategy, says “We continue to make investments in innovation but not just for the sake of it. All our solutions are designed with a purpose, in collaboration with our customers, and we make sure the technology we use is harnessed ethically and securely. We fully support the recommendations in the recent Police Productivity Review and the Home Office’s response and are already working on a range of solutions that can help deliver.” 

Policing is a partnership – not just between police and public but also between police and technology providers. This partnership can unleash policing’s true potential, transforming operations and making the public safer and increasing confidence. 

The Productivity Review has made recommendations, and the UK Home Office has committed to new funding and initiatives and individual forces have started exploring new tools, but we know that there are still many questions… 

  • Where should I start?
  • How do I scale up?
  • How can I lift the burden on officers, without damaging the trust on which policing depends?

Director of Business & Product Development, Paul Eggleton, is keen to point out that “Even though we have been working with Police Forces for over 30 years, we have always been at the forefront of innovation. Our unique portfolio and our in-depth knowledge provide us the foundations to invest, experiment and bring to market new capabilities that can help our customers find solutions to their challenges.” 

As a team, and a business, we look forward to working with the new Centre of Police Productivity and helping unleash the potential. 

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