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We’ve given South Holland District Council easy access to their HMO Licensing data. Now, they’re rolling out our app to give inspectors everything they need in the field.

“HMO Licensing is so much easier with ASSURE.”

South Holland District Council was looking for a better system to support its Private Sector Housing team. With their old software clunky and out of date, they had been left managing much of their House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) caseload with spreadsheets.

Christina Dewing is South Holland‘s Housing Project Manager: “We wanted to redefine all our processes so we could get the biggest possible improvement. ASSURE was the clear choice to move us forward.”

After just three months of building and testing, the team was so confident in ASSURE that they went live.

“Right from the start, the support from the NEC team has been absolutely brilliant.”

Christina Dewing, Housing Project Manager

Efficient mobile app

Now the team has easy access to all their cases and documents, it’s time to roll out the ASSURE HMO inspection app. Previously, property owners would have phoned the council and requested paper forms, which would get posted out for completion.

Soon, officers will be able to spend less time on administration and more time serving their customers. The app has everything they need to complete inspections in the field – no more paper forms or re-keying.

New online services

Next up, they’ll be following other ASSURE customers and pushing key services online. Owners will be able to apply, update and renew their license online and will also get reminder emails for safety tests and certificates triggered automatically. It will be easier for the public too, with a simple web form to alert the council to any concerns.

“It’s a sea-change from where we were before,” says Christina, “and ASSURE has made this difference in such a short space of time. Everything we manage – from inspections to renewals and public engagement – will be faster, easier and more efficient.”

The ASSURE platform streamlines transactions, applications and inspections so that you can radically improve efficiency.

“The NEC project managers, consultants and support team have been great; we’ve never wanted for anything.”

Christina Dewing, Housing Project Manager