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North Norfolk District Council chose ASSURE to help them meet future challenges. We’re helping to them to transform a whole range of areas.


We’ve worked with North Norfolk District Council for more than 10 years. They wanted to check they had a system that could support their transformation to an agile and efficient service. So they decided to test the market.

This process started from the ground up. Firstly, officers mapped out what they could do better for their customers. Secondly, they looked at how they would need to work differently to achieve it.

Then from a shortlist of three systems, they chose ASSURE.

“Right at the start, we looked at what we had now and what we would want in a perfect world. The world isn’t perfect of course, but we felt the ASSURE solutions had the ability to achieve what we were looking for.”

James Wilson, Environmental Protection Manager, North Norfolk District Council


ASSURE is a web-based suite of solutions built with the future in mind. As a result, they integrate seamlessly with other systems and each other. This means they can improve ways of working at the right pace.

ASSURE can transform a whole range of activity using a single, continually improving system. This spans everything from taxi licensing to trade waste and environmental protection.

Environmental Protection Manager, James Wilson, explains: “Our view has always been that if you’ve bought good software, use it. Integrated systems are easier both for users and IT administrators. So moving to ASSURE means we can deliver the same services but do it better. It ticks all the boxes for flexibility, agility, self-service and value for money.”


  • Great customer service. Information is available instantly, 24/7, for staff and customers.
  • Faster applications. Integrated self-service apps enable high quality submissions to be completed in half the time.
  • More inspections. Mobile apps support same-day turnaround in Building Control and Environmental Health.
  • Reduced workloads. No rekeying and automatic validation of applications, so you only review the exceptions.
  • Flexible delivery. Agile working and easy integration allows you to redesign services to meet your needs.

Find out more about ASSURE.

“ASSURE’s mobile app give officers everything they need in the field to deliver better customer service. It was one of the key improvements officers wanted at the beginning of this process.”

James Wilson, North Norfolk