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Our software has helped to screen more than 10 million babies for hearing loss since 2002. The newborn hearing screening programme means children get diagnosed far earlier than before.

Early intervention

One to two babies in every 1,000 are born with a hearing impairment in one or both ears, most into families with no history of hearing loss.

The NHS newborn hearing screening programme aims to identify this through a simple test completed shortly after birth. It gives affected children a better chance of developing speech and language skills and helps them make the most social and emotional interaction.

New national system

We developed an online information and performance management system in partnership with the programme centre in England. This holds data from every NHS maternity unit, taking results directly from the testing equipment. This improves data quality and reduces the burden of administration.

It helps clinicians to act sooner, enabling better follow-up services to newborn babies identified with moderate, severe and profound deafness.

The programme has screened more than 10 million babies, bringing down the time it takes to identify hearing loss from three years to just three months.