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Transform Emergency Response with the DS3000

Our industry-leading Integrated Communications Control System (ICCS), the DS300, is used by a breadth of emergency services organisations that include Police, Fire, Ambulance and other National Agencies.

The DS3000 in the only ICCS that is being used to fully support countrywide operations in the UK, by agencies such as Maritime and Coastguard Agency, National Highways, British Transport Police and MoD Police.

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How Can DS3000 Help You?

Analogue and digital radio networks including TETRA

Full group/functionality

Display up to 60 talkgroups

Ability to stun/enable a radio remotely

One-touch dialling with key support

Call queue list for immediate visualisation of calls

Integration with 3rd party call handling solutions

Skills based routing engine

Public Announcement (PA) / intercom

Integrated instant reply voice recording

Radio alarm display

CCTV camera control

99.999%+ system availability for mission critical environments.

Dual resilient system with immediate failover

Overview of Control room activity via Dynamic Operator screen

Monitor calls and operations

Barge and Coach to assist Operators in critical situations

Terminal Override allowing takeover of calls

System configuration fully manageable

User profile configured features

Seamless Integration for Optimal Performance

Integrated Communication Control System

Seamless Integration for Optimal Performance

The DS3000 ensures that users can efficiently manage radio and telephony voice communications whilst being able to easily access other technologies or systems. 

Due to the integrated nature of the system, based on the use of open standards, it is easy to cross connect the different types of communications seamlessly. Something that is not easily possible with separate telephone and radio solutions. 

The unified platform enhances streamlined communication workflows, allowing for effective collaboration between dispatchers, first responders, and support teams.

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With the information it provides at my fingertips, I find I rely on BOSS Mobile more than my pager. It is extremely important, as a responding officer, to know exactly the status of colleagues and the resources deployed to an incident. Providing and getting real-time updates on the incident narrative saves me time that I previously would have spent on the radio to control room.”

Thames Valley Fire Control Service

“Because all three fire and rescue services have the same NEC Software Solutions technology in their control centres, we will have far greater resilience. If one service is under pressure, the others will be able to provide full support. This integrated system will allow us to work together even more effectively than we do at the moment, and that can only be good for public and fire fighter safety.”

John Aldridge, Chair, NFSP Strategic Board