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Evidence to improve outcomes for spinal patients

We’ve created a spinal registry for EUROSPINE, an organisation dedicated to improving outcomes for patients with spinal and neck injuries.

NPS has created a spinal registry for EUROSPINE, an organisation dedicated to improving the outcomes for patients with spinal and neck injuries. The Spine Tango registry, which was originally created in 2002, has switched to NPS technology to enable the tracking and monitoring of treatment, implants and surgical outcomes for patients on a global scale.   

The information will help surgeons, hospitals and medical device manufacturers to more easily evaluate treatments to help secure the best outcomes for patients. Enhancing the Spine Tango registry aims to inform better treatments and techniques and to strengthen safety for patients receiving spinal surgery.   

EUROSPINE has already collected data on spinal procedures from 19 countries and 72 medical centres over a period of 17 years. This data has been transferred to the NPS system, which will incorporate the existing intelligence with future data from across the world to provide vital evidence to improve the safety and success of spinal treatments and implant technology.   

Stephen Callaghan, CEO of NPS, comments:

Being selected to develop EUROSPINE’s Spine Tango registry is a great endorsement of how well-regarded NPS is in the market.  We have significant experience of delivering and maintaining successful implant-focused registries and we look forward to working with EUROSPINE and the medical device industry, to build an international body of evidence.”   

Tim Pigott, EUROSPINE President, said:

Patients are at the heart of our priorities. Combining our clinical leadership with NPS’ registry experience offers an opportunity to develop and grow Spine Tango into an international resource to ensure patients across the globe receive the best care available.” 

NPS delivers a number of medical registries such as the National Joint Registry (NJR), the largest orthopaedics registry in the world, and the Indian Joint Registry (IJR) all of which collect data to help clinicians, regulators and industry deliver evidence-based treatments for patients.  

The market for spine surgery implants is expected to increase to $3.46 billion by 2021, making it essential that new technology and treatment is carefully monitored to improve spinal care outcomes.  

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