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NEC launches Indian Ligament Registry with the Indian Arthroscopy Society

Working in conjunction with the Indian Arthroscopy Society (IAS), we successfully launched the Indian Ligament Registry (ILR) on 1 December 2021.

The successful launch of the registry to over three thousand associate members of the IAS across India followed a pilot programme of around 100 members that took place in October.

The registry is a pan-India, surgeon-initiated clinical database, created with the purpose of monitoring and improving the quality of ligament surgeries in India. Through the Registry, IAS aims to support improved clinical outcomes, patient safety and academic research.  This is expected to benefit many thousands of surgeons who undertake ligament surgeries and millions of future patients.

The Indian Ligament Registry is capable of capturing all vital patient data before, during & after the surgery using a standardised ‘click & go’ form in a secured Internet portal. ILR has been developed by leading experts in the field and validated by eminent surgeons throughout the country. ILR has been technically commissioned and supported by ourselves, NEC Software Solutions (NEC).

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