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Colchester implements new IT system to help support council tenants

Colchester Borough Council (CBC) has selected a new IT system for its housing subsidiary, Colchester Borough Homes (CBH), to give remote-working staff the tools to improve support for residents in the community and to enable people to be able to do more for themselves online.

NPS Housing Management Solution

CBC has purchased the new system from Northgate Public Services (NPS) Housing, a cloud-based housing management solution, to bring all CBH’s housing services into one place. This provides a single view of customers and automates many of the routine administrative tasks housing officers undertake. The new solution is another key part of CBC’s Cloud First ICT Strategy and is fully integrated into their Microsoft 365 environment.

CBH staff will be able to focus on providing advice and services where the demand is, from any location on any device. This creates a fully mobile workforce, allowing officers to offer more support to those who need the most help. The new system has also been designed to encourage self-service for tenants, allowing them to access a range of CBH’s services online and see updates and events in real time.

Colchester Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Housing Councillor Adam Fox, said: “The excellent joint working between CBC and CBH is going to provide a range of benefits to tenants across the borough. By supporting staff to work remotely and engage further with tenants, staff can focus on tenant’s wellbeing and help those who need it the most.”

Gareth Mitchell, Chief Executive of Colchester Borough Homes, said: “This new system will bring many advantages to staff at CBH, by simplifying everyday tasks within housing management and allowing quicker, streamlined access to customer data. The investment from CBC allows us to focus on the specific requirements that individuals across the borough have and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction in the great value services we provide.”

With NPS Housing, information such as details of residents and properties can be held securely in one place so housing staff can make more informed decisions. The new system offers residents the option to contact the housing provider, view their rental statements, or request repairs quickly and easily online, offering CBH a value for money service.

Roger Birkinshaw, housing director at Northgate Public Services, said: “Colchester Borough Council and Colchester Borough Homes wanted a future-proof, housing management system that would help staff add value to every interaction with residents. NPS Housing will play a central role in enabling them to offer a fast, efficient and responsive customer service that meets the needs of local people.”