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Falkirk Council selects NEC Housing

New partnership will drive digital accessibility and improve the way properties are managed.

2 March 2021 – Falkirk Council has signed a contract and taken the lead in partnership with Northgate Public Services (NPS) in a drive to transform digital accessibility for customers and enhance the way their properties are managed.

This innovative project will replace the council’s existing housing management solution with NPS Housing and create a one-stop-shop where customers can apply for accommodation, make their rental payments or book repairs online.

Kenny Gillespie, head of housing & communities, at Falkirk Council said: “We want to give our customers more options for communicating with us and accessing the services they need online. With NPS Housing, our residents will have more options to engage with the council online. The new technology opens many more opportunities to explore innovations such as automation, robotics, and the Internet of Things so we can work more effectively to meet residents’ needs in the years ahead.”

NPS Housing will enable housing staff to access and update information on residents and properties from any device, whether they are in the office processing housing applications, working from home or out visiting families.

With a single login, tasks such as managing housing stock, processing payments and arranging repairs can be carried out quickly and easily and information is stored securely in one place, eliminating the need for separate housing systems to be supported and maintained.

Roger Birkinshaw, housing director at Northgate Public Services, said: “There has been an exponential shift towards the digital first approach in housing in recent years. With NPS Housing, Falkirk Council has an integrated cloud-based solution that will help to bring their vision for the digital future of housing to life for the benefit of residents and staff.”