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Sheffield City Council select NEC Housing to aid them in streamlining their information systems

Sheffield City Council opts for NEC’s digital housing platform – NEC Housing to support in the streamlining of their information systems.

We’re pleased to share the news that Sheffield City Council has selected NEC Housing to aid them in streamlining their information systems, in order to improve services for its residents as well as making the day-to-day easier for the employees administering them.

A key priority for Sheffield City Council was to meet growing demand for more efficient online services for its residents. And by embracing an improved digital approach with us, they’ll be able to offer their residents more choice in how they are able to access crucial services.

This is a pivotal step for Sheffield City Council, as it enables those who can access these services to do so with ease and frees up staff to focus on those who can’t.

Along with implementing changes to improve the way residents access their services, a goal of Sheffield City Council was to simplify the day-to-day for its employees and enhance the overall working experience. To accomplish this, they opted to include the following integral NEC Housing solutions:

· Assets

· Go Mobile

· Account Analytics

· Dashboards

With access to accurate information in a single view, employees can easily offer residents the right advice at the right time. In addition to this, the powerful combination of the above solutions offers a real-time analysis of all known data, helping employees identify and proactively offer interventions to those who may be experiencing financial difficulties.

Go Mobile keeps employees in the field or working elsewhere across the city connected. Even when there is no signal available, field workers can continue to deliver important services to residents.

By opting to unlock the integral Assets functionality, Sheffield can deliver on their goal of having a well-informed view of residents and assets in one place. This enables them to confidently plan forward and proactively tackle any issues as they arise.

Underpinning these solutions is the security, savings and flexibility that come with moving to the Cloud.

We look forward to working with the team moving forward!