Ministry of Justice renews commitment to NEC technology supporting offender rehabilitation

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has committed to continuing to deploy software that transforms the management of critical rehabilitation programmes for thousands of offenders.

Designed and developed by NEC Software Solutions, Interventions Manager is used by more than 1,000 Probation Service employees to coordinate a range of vital Offending Behaviour Programme (OBP) interventions for around 20,000 offenders every year.

The software is an essential and integral part of the daily working practices and processes for Interventions teams, enabling employees to better support and coordinate interventions for service users. It also integrates seamlessly with the MoJ’s in-house systems, such as nDelius.

The MoJ has renewed its commitment to using the software under a contract with NEC Software Solutions. It means Interventions Manager will continue to play a vital role in the management of intervention programmes, supporting the successful rehabilitation of thousands of offenders and reducing the risk of re-offending.

Interventions Manager enables probation workers in England and Wales to:

  • Create schedules of OBPs in their area.
  • Enrol offenders to the relevant OBP, including group and one-to-one support.
  • Track offenders’ attendance and progress for each OBP session.
  • Create post-programme reports once an offender has completed their course.
  • Manage the waiting list of offenders who need to start an OBP.

By linking with the probation service’s case management system, nDelius, Interventions Manager automatically receives new OBP referrals and enables teams to send progress updates to each offenders’ probation officer in real-time following each session.

Aimed at supporting people attending rehabilitation meetings, or those leaving prison on licence, the highly-structured and evidence-based interventions are designed to target offending behaviour patterns and reduce the risk of re-offending. Programmes are focused on supporting the rehabilitation of offenders who have committed crimes such as domestic abuse, violence and sexual offences.

Marco Fiorentino, Director of Justice and Enforcement at NEC Software Solutions, said: “Interventions Manager gives probation teams the power to plan, manage and report on all activities from first attendance to programme completion.

“It’s also used to manage interventions run by organisations outside the justice system, such as government agencies and charities. Users can create, edit and manage a referral as a single file, even as it passes between teams, departments and agencies.

“Interventions Manager can be used by itself or as a module of NEC Software Solutions’ case management software, Pathways, which is dedicated to supporting those working within the justice system, offenders, victims and the public throughout the justice process.

“It connects data and functionality, so probation teams and others in the justice sector can do what they do best – help clients to rehabilitate with the knowledge that they have their full and up-to-date story.”

The MoJ’s continued commitment to Interventions Manager comes after NEC Software Solutions also secured a contract with the government department for its Media Manager software, which is now being rolled out nationally to all probation and prison sites which run OBPs.

Media Manager is designed to manage the quality assurance of OBP delivery, providing a secure way to conduct video observations of each session for audit purposes.

Mr Fiorentino added: “The Interventions Manager contract extension and recent implementation of Media Manager across prison and probation is further evidence of our strong and long-standing relationship with the Ministry of Justice and Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service.

“We have delivered critical systems to users across the justice landscape for almost two decades now and we’re very proud to be able to continue to support them in undertaking their immensely important work.”

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