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NEC Software Solutions UK safeguards emergency response capabilities for The Networked Fire Services Partnership (NFSP)

NEC Software Solutions (NECSWS) has played a pivotal role in helping the Networked Fire Services Partnership (NFSP) to safeguard their ability to quickly handle emergency calls and dispatch necessary assistance.

This comes in the form of a successful transition to the new Dispatch Communication System (DCS), which is a new digital interface to enable continued use of Airwave, used by police, fire and ambulance services. This will give continuity as it will also be compatible with the Emergency Services Network (ESN) once it is live.

The shift to the DCS was vital, as interfaces that enable emergency communication between control rooms and Airwave are set to reach the end of their serviceable life. They will be withdrawn from service in December 2023.

NECSWS collaborated closely with NFSP to develop a new interface, which is compatible with the existing control room communication system and the new DCS. The solution ensures that the NFSP can continue to respond to every incident as quickly and effectively as possible.

Jill Horn, Business Relationship Manger for NFSP, said: “We are processing calls from people at some of the worst moments of their life, so it’s vital we can quickly provide the help they need. Any disruption could compromise our ability to promptly respond to the public. Not only was the transition smooth, without any impact on our services, but it has also contributed to strengthening the future resilience of our emergency services.”

Steve Ainsworth, executive director for public safety at NECSWS, said: “We were only too aware of the potential risks associated with the project and we were determined to help NFSP to continue to manage emergency calls without interruption.”

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