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NECSWS becomes a signatory to the Police Industry Charter

As a long-standing supplier to the UK Police sector, we have become a signatory to the Police Industry Charter – a visible and public pledge to work in partnership and adhere to the five principles of the Charter and help deliver the highest standards of service to the public. 

By signing this charter, we signal our commitment to working in partnership to meet the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s ambitions, as stated in the NPCC Science & Technology strategy, in delivering a world leading police science and technology system. 

Steve Ainsworth, Executive Director Public Safety, commented “This Charter is an important statement for the future of UK Policing. It allows us, as a technology supplier, to work with our customers to harness innovation, promote an open dialogue on evolving opportunities and deliver solutions and services that meet the needs of the public.” 

The Charter has five key principles: 

  • Designing products, services, and systems on the principle of Interoperability First 
  • Adopting a Maximum Transparency by Default (MTBD) position for products and services 
  • Supporting the professional development of practitioners and senior leaders 
  • Supporting UK Policing in delivering sustainability 
  • Collaboration and Partnership 

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