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Supporting delivery of person-centred, outcome-focused care in Wales

See how NEC Software Solutions and PRO-MAPP are supporting an integrated approach to supporting people to better self-manage conditions and wider health needs

We’re thrilled to announce NEC Software Solutions (NEC) new partnership with PRO-MAPP, aimed at supporting enhanced delivery of person-centred, outcome-focused care.

Recognising the strategic 3Ps policy in Wales, our newest partnership will support an integrated approach to supporting people to better self-manage conditions and wider health needs, and ensuring that they are as prepared as possible for any treatment. By working together, we provide the scale and experience to support change across the system, enhancing outcome-focused care.

The integrated offerings of NEC and PRO-MAPP enables us to support healthcare organisations in Wales in achieving the vision for transforming and modernising planned care and reducing waiting lists.

About NEC Software Solutions

NEC deliver a breadth of services to the public sector in Wales. An approved supplier on the All-Wales PROMS framework, NEC is also provider of national services such as the National Joint Registry the National Vascular Registry, and NHS England’s Outcomes Registry Programme, and national screening solutions such as hearing screening, AAA and diabetic retinopathy. We have a wealth of experience in outcome-focused care, including collection, analysis, reporting and interpretation of healthcare activity and outcome data. With offices in Wrexham, we provide software and services in Public Safety, Central & Local Government and Social Housing to help keep people safer, healthier and better connected. These include:

  • Welsh Discretionary Assistance Fund – Distribution of a £36m pa fund to support vulnerable individuals and families in Wales
  • Welsh local authorities use our Revenues and Benefits for collection of Council Tax and payment of housing benefit
  • Assisting Social Care Wales develop a new digital vision grounded in User’s needs.
  • Supporting Dyfed, South Wales and Gwent Police with Digital Interviewing software
  • Working with Control Rooms across Wales streamlining communications.


PRO-MAPP is a proven ‘Personalised Pathway Provider’ in Wales, with successful projects in Swansea and Powys delivering hard and soft value benefits to help improve patient outcome, staff efficiencies and effective service design.

The PRO-MAPP platform delivers rapid solutions highly tailored to the specific requirements of the service and patients. This approach delivers the optimal solution in the shortest time and ensures easy updates as learnings or service requirements change.

OWLi (Orthopaedic Waiting List Initiative) has been running for two years in Swansea and provides extensive benefits in prehab, intelligent health and well-being monitoring and list management.

The intelligent profiling of patients provides optimal prehab and preparation services allowing all services to review patients current and condition and identify changes.

Assisting patients in being fit and prepared for their procedure by promoting good health and preventing health decline while waiting is in full compliance with the 3P’s policy. This example and the research information it has created provides a live best practice example of how to deliver a compliant service that delivers for the patient, staff, and health board.

Through its success this service is sharing findings with other areas of the health board to further assist with planning and management including planned care team, pre-assessment, anaesthesia and with consultants.

Other projects in areas such as virtual wards, persistent pain, home care (HomeFirst), women’s mesh and The Exercise and Lifestyle Programme (ELP) all benefit from this approach to dynamic service provision while collecting high quality actionable date used to evolve the service over time.

We are excited to be working with NEC to further expand these services across Wales to help all Health Boards benefit from these learnings and best practice and jointly commit to improving patient outcomes.

Want to know more?

As part of this exciting new venture, we’d be interested in talking to regional senior stakeholders in healthcare, in order to shape a service that meets the specific needs of your local population. Please feel free to reach out to us on our contact page, or email us at, and a member of our Healthcare Registries Team will be in touch.