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Advice & Guidance

At the height of Covid-19 pandemic, as outpatient services were restricted during the national lockdown, there became a need to continue to provide necessary patient treatment away from hospitals and prioritise patients.

In response to the crisis, our team was approached by various ICSs to implement the Rego platform in order to enable GPs to obtain rapid access to consultant advice and guidance across all specialties.


Connecting GPs to rapid specialist advice

The platform allows patient information to be sent quickly and securely from a GP, directly to an appropriate hospital consultant; and for the consultant to offer advice and guidance directly to the correct GP or clinic.

Accurate, Automated triage


Accurate, Automated triage

Rego is an AI-powered solution that helps primary care clinicians refer patients to the right care, first time by automatically validating referrals against local criteria and pathways. 

Through integration with e-RS, approved services are instantly displayed ensuring patients are directed to the right care, first time – in less than 90 seconds.

Used by over 30,000 users, Rego has proven to enable effective outpatient transformation in line with the Long Term Plan.

Referring patients to the right care

Rather than manually reviewing referrals and referencing pathway guidance manuals, our technology quickly analyses patient data and records, enabling clinicians to make quicker, better-informed referral decisions.