CallTouch is an approved safety-critical incident and signalling control room telephony solution, which is used to ensure that calls from trackside, level crossing phones and station help points are delivered to the correct incident management operator or signalling controller.

As well as a rail communication system, CallTouch is suitable for deployment in multiple transport sectors where accurate call information with mapping and related CCTV images are critical to maintain a safe working environment for both the operators employees and the general public.

Trusted provider to the Rail Sector


Trusted provider to the Rail Sector

CallTouch is touch-screen, making it easier to manage incoming contacts during major incidents. Calls from many telephone platforms are shown on a single screen with clear caller IDs giving you more control over call queues. One-touch ‘hot keys’ also reduce the time it takes to make calls.

CallTouch is used in Network Rail’s regional operating centres and by London Underground, helping to manage the capital’s tube lines.

The Key features

Ready to support your rail comms

All controls functions and features use buttons and styles designed to be touch screen friendly.

All functions and features are presented based on the correct profile applied to individual job roles.

CallTouch uses a common CSTA3 open standard communications interface to manage and control a range of commonly used third party telephone switches.

Supports common telephone directories, Microsoft chat and message functionality for domain based installations.

CallTouch uses a web based client ensuring a quick installation and roll out of updates with no need to install any third party software on the control room workstations.

CallTouch uses an intuitive grid based screen with all primary functions accessible by a single button with keyboard or touch screen modes.

CallTouch can be deployed for small control rooms with less than 10 workstations to 100+ workstations.

Guarantees continuous call delivery in the event of multiple failures of both infrastructure and physical hardware.

Highly resilient

CallTouch is designed as a touch screen friendly interface with all key functions and features managed through a permissions based framework.

CallTouch is a highly resilient platform offering continuous call delivery in the event of multiple failures of both infrastructure and physical hardware. It’s truly telephone switch agnostic, integrating to a range of industry standard telephone switches while maintaining the high availability and resilience demanded from a modern call delivery solution.