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Section 172 statement

NEC Software Solutions UK Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation of Japan and therefore is subject to and abides by all NEC policies and procedures. The NEC governance framework delegates authority for local decision making to NEC Software Solutions UK Limited up to defined levels of cost and impact.

The Board of NEC Software Solutions UK Limited places a high degree of importance on building strong relationships with its key stakeholders in order to promote the long term success of the Company. The Directors give full consideration to the likely consequences on all stakeholders of the decisions and actions taken, ensuring those decisions are made with sustainable success at the core.

Details of the engagement with the Company’s key stakeholder are set out below.


Delivering to our shareholders, NEC Corporation, ensures the long term success of the Company, allowing us to deliver successfully to all of our stakeholders. The Directors are in regular contact with NEC, either through regular performance reviews, strategy meetings, long term planning or collaboration on specific NEC wide projects. The open and frequent communication with NEC ensures a high degree of transparency exists and all parties are aligned on supporting the long term success of the Company and its stakeholders.


We aim to build the capacity and capability of our people to deliver our growth plans and meet the needs of our customers. We do this by attracting, engaging, optimising and retaining talent. Our performance management and incentive programmes align individual and corporate goals and encourage internal succession planning and career development. Over the past year we have significantly improved our internal communications so employees have a clear sight of their contribution to our performance and are recognised for their success in meeting our values of Customer, Commitment and Collaboration.

All UK employees have the opportunity to elect members to an Employee Consultation Group (ECG). The ECG meets formally with management on a quarterly basis to discuss issues of importance, ensuring effective communication takes place with all employees. Management also meets with the ECG as often as necessary to consult on matters important to staff and the Company.


Customers are central to the business – without them the Company would not exist. The Company aims to deliver a consistently high performance in an efficient and continuously improving way so as to meet the customer’s needs. Engagement in the early stages of projects allows the Company to add the most value, providing the customer with the right solution for their problem. Feedback is sought throughout the project cycle, with an agile approach taken to meet the changing needs of our customers.


Building strong relationships with suppliers enables the Company to obtain the best value, service and quality. The Company works with suppliers who understand our business and adhere to our ways of working. Our procurement and operations teams work hard to understand our supply chain and develop deeper and more strategic relationships with key suppliers.

Community and environment

What the Company does is an integral part of the community and the community is ultimately our customer. Poor relationships can damage and even destroy our reputation. Good relationships win goodwill. The Company actively engages with the communities close to our offices and seeks to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.