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Scanning patient records delivers a quick ROI for medical practices of all sizes

Scanning patient records benefits practices and patients 

Patient records are vital for primary care. While most patient records are now electronic, huge amounts remain in paper form. They take up much-needed space, can be difficult to secure and are time consuming to search. 

We’ve been scanning patient records for more than 20 years and have supported 750 GP practices so far. Customers in the UK and Ireland have been able to convert storage space into clinical use, improve security and gain instant access to patient information.  

Scanning offers a quick return on investment  

We scanned more than 7,000 hard copy patient records for Coldside Medical Practice in Tayside. As well as easy access to information, the practice is now making use of an extra 40m2 of space. The area previously taken up by paper records has been completely redesigned to incorporate two extra workstations, a new Pharmacotherapy Office and a new Assistant Practice Manager’s office. 

The practice is also benefiting from efficiency improvements, particularly when dealing with Subject Access Requests for medical and legal reports. The Practice Manager, David McCue, believes it will save £27k per annum on staffing costs and will be paid back within 18 months. 

The £40k investment that we paid will be repaid in 18 months’ time. I recommend that all medical practices follow suit with scanning their hard copy medical records. I recommend, without reservation, NEC.” 

End to end service 

We know accurate information matters, so we make sure each record is digitised fully and to the highest quality. Some of the notes in patient records can be up to 50 years old. Our team take great care to make sure clinicians can see all of the information, not just some of it.   

As well as a fast turnaround, we offer an emergency retrieval process that locates, scans and uploads what you need within hours – even if it’s still in a box. The upload process is just as important. We match each record to the right patient in whatever system you use. 

As much help as you need 

Our flexible approach means practices can choose to do as little or as much as they want. Some prefer us to manage the packing and others would rather do it themselves. Our experienced service managers will always explain the options and support local teams from start to finish. 

Coldside Medical Practice were happy with the service we provided, as David explains:  

The project was delivered to agreed standards in terms of quality, time and budget; the administration of the project by NEC was exceptional”. 

Find out how quickly your investment could pay off and make an enquiry here.