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Transform self-service with Citizen Access

Our Citizen Access solutions make self-service a breeze. Processing more than 150,000 interactions every day, they cut phone calls, walk-ins and emails so you can cut costs.

Each simple, smartphone-ready solution connects to NEC Revenues & Benefits in real time. This means customers can do more online, like signing in through a portal account to set up eBilling. And it means you get real-time integration, pre-populated forms and no rekeying.

  • Browser-based. So you can change the look & feel and connect to your council’s citizen accounts.
  • Cloud delivered. Which means you can cut the cost of hardware and admin
  • Easily customised. With options for risk and eligibility checks

The Citizen Access solutions

Our self-service solutions have processed millions of transactions efficiently.

Manages all types of claims, changes and enquiries.

Lets customers view their correspondence online.

Provides online access to tenants’ claim status, payments and notifications.

Great online services for billing, enquiries and changes.

Manage the Housing Benefit Accuracy Award programme with ease.

A simple application and award process for councils and customers.

Run Single Person Discount and Empty Property reviews simply.

Award free school meals and clothing grants with ease and efficiency.