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Single Person Discount reviews that generate no-risk revenue

Our Single Person Discount review service offers a risk-free route to reducing fraud and error in Council Tax discounts. There’s no need to search for additional resource, because we’ve got things covered.

Using slick data matching, we deliver market-leading cancellation rates with no hassle. What’s more, we can arrange payment by results or an upfront fixed price. Our service works to fit you.

We’ve completed more than 230 reviews and found in excess of £58m additional revenue. Like identifying an extra £730,000 in revenue for Aberdeenshire Council.

Single Person Discount Review Service


A Single Person Discount Review service that’s easy for authorities and residents.

We complete our SPD reviews within 12 weeks.

Our purpose-built business centre can deliver individual or shared reviews.

Online services and phones answered by experienced revenues assessors.

Using Experian data and a range of local authority systems.

Great results from one-off, annual or shared reviews

Single Person Discount Review Service

Great results from one-off, annual or shared reviews

Whether you’re looking to complete a one-off check or an annual review, we have the solution to fit you. We’ve helped:

  • Generate £2 million from a district-wide review in Staffordshire
  • Identify an additional £730k in additional review for Aberdeenshire
  • Generate over £58m from 230+ reviews